New Request Show Record!!!

7/12/17 the date will long be etched in Radio Lonsdale Folklore









After an amazing Ward Visit full of fun and laughter, Tom, Adam, Karen and Fay had collected 24 requests.

This had equalled the Radio Lonsdale request show record. However Records are there to be broken!!!!!!

21:45pm with the bumper request show pretty much done and the editing being done to schedule the show for Friday Mornings repeat play suddenly the phone rings!!!

Adam answers the phone as the studio falls into Silence. “This is the Party Animals in Ward 4” “could we please have Bailando by Enrique Inglesias for Betty, Dorothy, Doreen and Janet”

UNBELIEVABLE SCENES!!!! ADAM, TOM AND PETE celebrated in the studio as Adam introduced the record breaking track!!!

Radio Lonsdale mugs will be heading their way to Ward 4 for the Ladies who were no doubt partying their way into the night.

The next request show is Thursday 14th of December. Question is, CAN WE TOP 25??????

Ward visitors will be out from 6pm, you can also e-mail your requests to 

Or Phone us on *800 with your Hospedia Unit Telephone or 01229 877877 with a mobile phone and Leave a message on our answer machine.

The request show is the best show that we do on Radio Lonsdale because it’s YOUR SHOW!!!!!!

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