We are delighted to announce that our popular request show will be returning to a twice-weekly broadcast format, beginning this coming week, 12th March the usual slot of 8pm. This will be the first time in 18 months that we have managed to have enough willing volunteers to provide two request shows per week and we couldn’t be happier in doing so as this is the show where you get to pick the songs you love and most want to listen to.

The regular request show returned to the Lonsdale schedule in early 2016 and has become a much-loved show over the past 3 years. Presenting this show twice a week, once again, will allow us to play even more of your favourite songs and grow our database of all the eclectic sounds you most want to listen to, even further.

Make sure you get your request noted on our ward round, taking place before evening visiting at 7pm and tune in from 8pm on Tuesday to hear it played. Enjoy the show!