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Started in March, “The Music Request Show” is already one of our most popular – with an average of fifteen music requests per show!  We had already reached over 250 music requests by Thursday 4th August 2016.

The highest number of requests on the Thursday edition is currently – 23, Wow!  Based on the quarterly listener figures provided by Hospedia – This is a superb amount for a hospital the size of FGH!

To date the “Music Request Show” has been presented by Karen Davies, Jayne Wright, Pete Chesher, Pete Sexton, Tom Brownlee & Candice Wright, with production assistance from the two Peters’; Chesher & Sexton, plus any other members available.

You govern the content on this show as it’s your choice of music – our presenters will play anything that you want to hear, any genre, any year!  So far your requests have varied greatly: from the theme tunes from “Ladies of Lavender” and “Moulin Rouge” to the recent Taylor Swift track, “Out of the Woods” and Metallica’s “Unforgiven II” from 2008.  Keep ’em coming folks, as our presenters love to play such an eclectic mix, knowing that there is a patient out on the wards of FGH awaiting their favourite song!

Prior to the “Music Request Show“, our team of intrepid (or should that be decrepit?  Don’t tell them that I said this!) ward visitors will come around the wards to take your music requests and to register you for your FREE entertainment services.  Stay tuned from 8:00pm as we will play your song along with any messages of goodwill during the show!

We also place our intermediate training level presenters on the “Music Request Show“, prior to them being let loose with their own programs.  It’s a great way to take them to the next level and to make them feel proud about their work as they receive and play so many music requests.  To be honest, this is an easy show to produce, as you do most of the work!  Look out for our team with our new Ward Visit clipboards and please feel free to ask them to play your song and to register your bedside entertainment console.

We are constantly compiling the list of your chosen songs and storing them on our Myriad play out system.  During the Christmas holidays we’ll be playing our very own ‘Radio Lonsdale Request Chart Show‘, consisting of your most requested tracks during 2016.

Please note that we are all Radio Lonsdale volunteers, working for your hospital radio station, and are not employed by Hospedia.

An encore show is also broadcast at 11am on Friday morning, should you miss your request!

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  • Thursday - 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm
  • Friday - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm Encore Presentation


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