Monday Night At The Movies And In The Kitchen 65 – 16 November 2015

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Andy’s *~#aMaZiNg#~* Burrito recipe
Get some really big wraps, like 15 inchers. I went with chilli ones.

Then take some refried beans, I made my own but you can slum it with some from a can, get them nice and hot, fry em in a pan. So I guess that’d be refried refried beans if you got them from a can.

Anyway, whilst that’s heating through fry up an onion, nice an finely chopped, when they’ve cooked a bit throw some beef mince in there, I used about 250g. Then add some taco seasoning from a packet and fry it through.

Grab a pack of microwave rice, the more interesting the better. Stick it in the microwave. And turn the microwave on.

Bag of salad, just lettuce stuff. Chop it up a bit. Bag of coriander, chop all that up, you need loads of it.

Some Mexican dips multipack stuff. Soured cream, salsa and guacamole are a must.

Then basically just stick your wrap on a bit of tinfoil, and layer up the stuff. Beans, beef, rice, sauces, lettuce and coriander, then squeeze some lime over it.

Then the wrappy bit, it’s pretty hard, but it doesn’t have to be perfect, because you wrap it with the tinfoil and that holds it together. Make sure you fold the bits in on themselves so stuff doesn’t fall out. And twist the ends of the tinfoil.

Done. Eat immediately, or keep in the fridge and heat through in a hot over for about 10 minutes when you’re ready to eat.

You’re welcome.

# Artist Song Album Record Label Comments
1 Harry Gregson-Williams Into The Pie Machine Chicken Run (2000)
2 Roachford Cuddly Toy Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa [2013]
3 John Barry Dances With Wolves Suite Dances With Wolves [1990]
4 Idina Menzel Let It Go Frozen [2013]
5 Henry Mancini The Pink Panther The Pink Panther [1963]
6 Phillip Glass Raising The Sail The Truman Show [1998]
7 Julian Nott Theme and Chase Wallace and Gromit [Various]
8 Hans Zimmer This Land The Lion King [1994]
9 Irene Cara Flashdance (What A Feeling) Flashdance [1983]
10 Kenny Loggins Footloose Footloose [1984]

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