Pete Sexton – Programme Controller

Name – Pete Sexton

Role – Programme Controller

Show –The Pete Special – Wednesday’s 7pm – 10pm

E-mail –

Member Since – I first became a member of a Hospital Radio Station back in 1978 (Wycombe Radio) and over the years I have joined other stations as I have moved around the country with my job. These have included Cotswold Radio (1980 – 1982), Radio Metro (1982 – 1992) and now Radio Lonsdale, initially in 1992 for couple of years before family and work commitments caused me to stop but I returned in 2003 and have continued ever since.

Tell us about yourself – I am a retired nurse (RGN & RMN) having worked for the NHS from 1974 until 2012. Since then I have delivered training on part-time basis for several NHS Trusts around the Country and provided managerial consultancy to a local Medical Practice. I am married and have two sons. My hobbies include supporting Manchester City FC, DIY, visiting the Greek islands, walking with my dogs in countryside and Radio Lonsdale, which seems to occupy a mayor part of each week.

Why did you get involved? – back in the late 1970s, when I was a young man, I had a set of disco record deck; My smooth mixing of one record into another was far from the standard I want it to be and whilst chatting with one of my colleagues about this, they suggested I join the hospital radio station. I subsequently did this and with the help and patience of several of the members there, I gained the necessary skills and was soon presenting a weekly programme on the station. It was there I learnt many skills and techniques including correct use of equipment, how to edit audio recordings and how to talk to fill specific amounts of time without “crashing” the songs vocals. Whilst I still get it wrong from time to time, I hope my skills have evolved and I am now able to share what I have learnt with others.

What music are you into? – I have a broad taste in music, from classical through to heavy rock and have had the privilege of attending numerous concerts features artists such as Genesis, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Gloria Estefan, Kate Bush and more recently Bruno Mars, Lionel Richie, Gary Barlow and many more too. My all time favourite track is ‘Wonderful Tonight’ by Eric Clapton

What is your fondest memory of your time with the station? – There are many, but I will limit it to two that really stand-out in my mind. First is having been part of Radio Lonsdale as it grow from almost extinction into the station it is today. I was one of the last two member of the Radio Station in  2007 – who were on the point of shutting the station down and transferring the assets to the hospital radio station in Kendal as we just could not seem to attract any one to become part of the Furness Hospital Broadcasting service but when it came to it, we just could not and between us, we somehow kept going. To our relief some of the past members and presenters came back to the station rescue and from that point onwards, Radio Lonsdale rose like the proverbial “phoenix from the ashes” and that memory is treasured.

My second precious memory has multiple facets as it involves many members (old & new), who came to Radio Lonsdale with a desire to learn about broadcasting and then took what their gained from their time at Radio Lonsdale to study at University and achieve 1st class degrees in Media related subjects or have become the regular voices on the radio station today. Watching them develop and mature as presenters, producers etc and having been a small part of their fledgling journey has given me great pleasure.