Pete Sexton – Programme Controller

Name:- Pete Sexton

Role:- Programme Controller

Show:- The Pete Special – Wednesday’s 8pm – 10pm


Member Since:- Early 1990’s

Why Radio Lonsdale:- I first became interested in Hospital Radio whilst running a Mobile Disco during my professional nurse training at High Wycombe, Bucks (1978). I was introduced to the studio setting and taught the basic skills of broadcasting by a friend and colleague at the time and progressed since then to present regular weekly radio programmes at Radio Metro in Leigh during the late 1980s.

Whilst a volunteer at Radio Metro, I developed my abilities to become Programme Controller for the station, teaching new members how to make use of the studio, broadcasting equipment and to structure the content of programmes. I introduced some of my professional attributes into the broadcasting arena through helping volunteers to develop their own communication and interpersonal skills for use both within the studio environment and when visiting the wards to promote the service, collect requests and encourage participation in radio-bingo sessions. I was responsible for programme scheduling and quality control of output. A training manual and presentation guideline packs were produced to compliment this work.

In the early 1990s I relocated to Cumbria with my job and discovered Radio Lonsdale.

The whole Concept of being part of radio still excites me. Not in the way it did all those years ago when I was a total novice but now as a mature person, I get the buzz from helping new members overcome their shyness when faced with a microphone and a red “on-air” light, the coaching and mentorship of these members

to become competent presenters is incredibly rewarding and I hope that feeling never disappears. As for broadcasting – yes I still enjoy it especially the face to contact with listeners when out on the wards or during outside broadcasts and fun raising events