Tom Brownlee

Tell Us A Little About Yourself?

My day job involves working on the Barrow Site Redevelopment team in the Yard, within Project Controls. It is a great programme to be part of and will hopefully be yet another chapter in the great history that this town undoubtedly has! I am follower of Barrow AFC and I am delighted that Radio Lonsdale has rekindled its ‘love-affair’ with local football commentaries. I also DJ, more occasionally now, so I may throw a gig for you if you really ask nicely!

What Kind Of Music Do You Like?

Cliff Richard…A stalwart of the hospital radio soundtrack!

What Got You Interested In Radio Lonsdale?

Seems like ages ago now but I remember one afternoon around 5 years ago just listening to commercial radio and thought…I wonder how it all works!? An internet search and a couple of days later and I was training in the studio! I have in many ways come to realise that it is a quite brilliant thing, this hospital radio!

Photos of Tom


Tom Brownlee
Tom Brownlee