Pete Chesher MBE – Chief Engineer

Tell Us A Little About Yourself?

Like most locals I served my time at the Shipyard but I hated it and left as soon as I got my indentures. I then moved to Sellafield but left through boredom after six years.

I began working on Gas Turbine controls with John Brown’s (builders of QEII) and got the chance to travel to Malaysia with them as a Senior Field Engineer.  I had the travelling bug and toured the world for 12 years.  My favourite locations?  Australia, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan from my days in the Hong Kong office.  Taiwan has to be my favourite, as the people were so helpful and friendly, plus my family came out for most of their summer holidays!  In Europe?  It’s got to be Finland & Norway.

Whilst working in China I was head hunted by GE and worked as senior Technical Advisor until a car smash ended my ‘hands on’ days and I became a Warranty Manager then Contract Manager. Finally my illness meant enforced medical retirement in 2006.

I was awarded an MBE for voluntary services to the railway industry in 2010.  I was forced to quit this other ‘hobby’ in 2014, due to my worsening health, so Radio Lonsdale is even more important to me! My other hobby aside from Radio Lonsdale is railway modelling.  I have been fortunate to have won a number of national awards and to meet a number of great modellers from all over the UK.

What Kind Of Music Do You Like?

Anything from the 1980’s, such a creative decade, but especially Kraftwerk, Gary Numan & best of all, OMD!  My wife, Pauline, and I went to see OMD in Manchester and Dublin for our Silver Wedding.  Simply superb and, health permitting, we’ll be off to see them again in Autumn 2017!

I love presenting ‘Thanks 4 the Memories’, which now goes out on Tuesday afternoon, because the music from the 1940’s & 50’s was so romantic.  So unlike the violent, aggressive excesses of today!

I am part of the Production Team for Thursday’s extremely successful Music Request show.  The range of music has stunned us and it’s always a thrill to see what has been requested each night!  An even bigger thrill has been receiving some lovely comments from our patients and staff – it makes it all so worthwhile!

What Got You Interested In Radio Lonsdale?

Pauline nagged me into it!  She saw the website and knew that I needed another hobby to fill my time and to take my mind off the constant pain caused by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

I have much to thank my wife for, as volunteering has given me a new lease of life!  I love every minute down at the RL Studios and have recently been re-elected for my fifth term as Chief Engineer.

Some folks have quite rightly said that “I know nothing about radio engineering!”  They are probably correct, but with 30 years+ as a senior controls engineer and with the support of our suppliers and others at the station, there is nothing that we have not yet conquered, including live outside broadcasts for the first time in 20 years!

I am very proud to have been part of the Committee that finally brought our Production Studio back into use, complete with brand new mixer, digital CD players and the latest Myriad play out software.  Together we also obtained the funding for the very latest IP Audio Codecs, which allow our volunteers to broadcast live to FGH from any remote venue, and for the very first time, a bespoke desk and equipment for Studio 1.  Our work has once again got folks in the hospital, down at the football, rugby, Forum concerts, and around Barrow talking about Radio Lonsdale!  WE have achieved so much in about five years or so – long may it continue please!!!!

Photos of Pete

PC and PS Studio 2 Opening 2014DSCF4212MBE at Buck House Thumbnail