How to Listen using Hospedia

To listen to Radio Lonsdale in hospital, all you have to do is follow these simple instructions using your Hospedia unit, which is located beside your bed.

If thHospedia Unitey’re not already attached, plug in your headphones which are available from the Hospedia pay stations near to the lifts, ask at the nursing station, or you can use your own headphones if you prefer.

Pick up your right hand side Hospedia TV keypad and press “other services“.  Wait for the grey screen to appear.  Now use the right arrow key to highlight the “Free Radio Service” icon then press the tick key.  That’s it – you are now set up to use the free radio stations and to make free telephone calls to any land line starting in 01, 02 or 03!

Once connected press Radio on your remote control and choose your channel using the ‘CH‘ button at the bottom of your handset.  Volume can be controlled using the key with the little triangle.  Listen to Radio Lonsdale on Channel 1.

You can call Radio Lonsdale FREE from your bedside Hospedia phone, just dial * 800