Things You Can Do

Anything that a radio station needs to run, we need volunteers to help do. From the obvious need for on-air content, to the less visible behind the scenes tasks like managing our finances, running publicity campaigns or even organising our record library.

In order to get involved, there aren’t jobs to apply for and we don’t expect people to have any prior experience. In fact, you don’t even really have to know what it is you want to do! It’s all about enjoying yourself, learning as you go, and making some damn great radio in the process.

Here are some examples of teams you could join (but the list is endless!):

Production Team
Responsible for creating the not-live content that gives Radio Lonsdale its identity. Such terms as ‘stings’, ‘beds’ and ‘wet’ or ‘dry’ jingles will join your vocabulary as you become a pro in our brand new Production studio. The team will be initially working to refresh the on-air branding of the station, and to assist DJs in creating promos for their shows.

News & Sports Team
Fancy yourself as an investigative journalist? Or maybe you want to learn how to put together news bulletins and star as a news reader? Alternatively maybe you’re super knowledgeable about local sport, or want to try your hand at live commentary? This team would be looking to train up news readers, identify mechanisms for reporting on local sport, and looking to expand the current affairs content in our schedule.

Computing Team
Are you a bit of a techie, interested in websites, Internet streaming, play-out systems and networks? We’re about to embark on massive IT infrastructure improvement and world is our oyster. This team will be looking to design the IT for a 21st century radio station (on a budget, promise Mr Treasurer!) and on-going work will include administration of station computers, and websites.

Music Team
Do you eat, sleep, breathe music? Interested in shaping the sound of our station? This team would be looking to provide an avenue of publicity for local artists, and aiding our Programme Controller in designing a music schedule for our automated (and potentially live) broadcasts. Previously this has included free tickets to gigs, recording interviews with acts, and celebrating the local music scene.

Outside Broadcast Team
Running an OB is really hard work, and you can’t do it without a large number of helpers! Everyone should join the OB team, whether you’re helping by doing a live show in-the-field, jangling a collection box, or by talking to members of the public – the more the merrier!