Radiothon 2017 – We Did It – 100 Hours None Stop!

Yes, our 100 hour Easter Radiothon 2017 began at 6pm on Thursday 13th April and we continued in four hour shifts until 10pm on Easter Monday, 17th April.

Loads of local businesses sponsored the event to ensure that each 1 hour slot of the 100 hour long event was sponsored.  Here are some pictures from this brilliant fund raising weekend, which will ensure that your favourite hospital radio station will remain on air and can afford to continually upgrade and improve.

It was lovely to see our new Studio 1 in constant use by so many members, NHS staff, past members & guests.  The Radiothon was a massive success in so many ways.  We had great fun in the studios, we had great fun on the wards, we raised some money for the charity and the free publicity was immense, what could be better?

The starting line up (top) at 6pm on Thursday 13th April and the finale line up (bottom) on Monday 17th April at 10pm. Note: Others were also working behind the scenes.

We thank the following local businesses for sponsoring the shows on our 5th and final day of Radiothon 2017 – Please consider them first whenever shopping:

Keith Nutter Limited; Cut Price – Ulverston; Chips Computers; Boutique – Ulverston; J F Hornby & CoPhil Collier AssociatesKurly’sN&S Rhodes ButchersWorking Class HeroesFurness Watch & JewelleryCrafty Hobbies, Barrow in FurnessMr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe – UlverstonThe GalleryCumbria Wargaming Supplies; Food on Dalton Road; Barrow AFCBluebirds TrustDonna Jefferson(Funtymz Fancy Dress); Living WorldLakeland Dry Cleaners; & KICK Off 4 CANCER.

Thank You Volunteers LP
Well Done Radio Lonsdale Members!
Thanks to all of those businesses who have sponsored this wonderful event. Without your support we could not succeed.
It’s just after 10pm on Easter Monday and with Queen belting out “Radio Ga Ga” from our new ceiling speakers, the team can celebrate as we’ve reached the magical 100 hours! Well Done, Team.
Thanks to Barry Rigg, our NHS Coordinator and to the FGH catering team for the great spread that they put on for our members to celebrate reaching 100 hours.
Finally, after 96 hours, that prima donna “Chesh” realizes that we’re doing a Radiothon and decides that he’ll come along to close it out.
It’s coming up to 6pm on Easter Monday and the troops are getting their final orders before hours 97-100 begin….Ha! Ha! Fat lot of good it did, they all picked some bonkers tunes for the finale!


Karen & Fay Hour #58
Karen & Fay live in Studio 1 during hour #58.
“Take Me to Your Leader!” – Our wonderful Station Manager, Karen Davies driving the desk during hour #58.
Tom n Dan KO4Cancer
Dan & Tom discuss the “Kick Off 4 Cancer” event, taking place at Hawcoat Park on May 27th to raise funds for Cancer Research.
It’s now Easter Monday and our Past Football Commentator, Matt Taylor is discussing Barrow AFC’s Community Initiatives with Margaret Straker.



















Andy S Adam J at HS
Radio Lonsdale, the only hospital radio station in Cumbria to feature regular LIVE football & rugby! Match Summariser, Andy Steel, and Commentator, Adam Johnson, during Easter Monday’s 3-1 win over North Ferriby Utd.
Tom & Keith Nutter
It’s 6am as Tom Brownlee interviews one of our Radiothon sponsors during “Keith Nutter’s Desert Island Discs”, on Easter Monday.
Our Studio entrance and LED Display, temporarily changed for Radiothon 2017.
Andy J - 10pm 16th
A cracking picture! Andy Johannesen at the start of his mammoth five hour stint from 10pm on Easter Sunday. The shows were increased at this stage as Pete Sexton’s throat damage got worse and his GP ordered him to stop! Brave effort and thanks, Pete S.
Andy and Chris, deep in thought as they come towards the end of hour #56.
Current members Jayne Wright, Ruth Postlethwaite and Fay Postlethwaite, ready for the next show on Easter Sunday, as we reach the 75 hour mark!
17990682_1701404513208555_2826511227457831989_n (1)
Moira & Camille back behind a Radio Lonsdale microphone for the Radiothon 2017 event.
CandoFM’s Justin Cooke pops in for a chat with Camille and Moira and to partake in Radiothon. And why not? Radio Lonsdale and CandoFM work together on a number of projects and events.
Radio Lonsdale & FaithFM Presenter, William Morin, entertains the patients during Radiothon 2017.
Andy Johannesen is not affected by the many hours presenting during the event, or is that smile the first signs of delirium?
Tom Brownlee interviews baby Teddy, whilst Radiothon “Producer”, Adam Johnson considers the script for the next four hour show!
Not the greatest photo due to streaming sunlight, but this one shows what we do best at Radio Lonsdale! The ward visiting team involving patients and their families during Radiothon.
A star presenter in the making? Star of the Radiothon, young Teddy, gets tested for headphone size!
Get Well Card
The Barrow Raiders squad kindly sent a “Get Well” card for our Rugby League Commentator, Pete Chesher, who missed most of Radiothon and the Newcastle v Barrow fixture due to surgery. Lovely gesture, lads!
Our Myriad v.4 system, set up with Tom Brownlee’s Breakfast Show listings on Saturday 15th.
Radio Lonsdale Treasurer and Presenter, Andy Johannesen, tucks into Mrs Chesher’s doughnuts before going on air!
Ryan McPoland, one of Radio Lonsdale’s regular ward visitors and a most valued member of the team, get’s into the spirit prior to the afternoon ward visit on Saturday 15th.
Past Presenters, Lottie & Lynsey, pop into the Radio Lonsdale Studios for a chat with Tom Brownlee. Also pictured is baby, Teddy.
Past Presenters, Lottie & Lynsey, along with little Teddy who seems oblivious to it all, entertain our listeners with Tom Brownlee.
Pete Sexton, our former Chairman/Station Manager and longest serving member, opens Radiothon 2017 with his first, four hour slot.
Pete Sexton is joined by Karen, Sylvia, Fay and Jayne. They had just visited the patients drumming up listeners ready for Peter’s show.
Past Presenter, Becki Took, grabs a brew and meets with our senior football commentator, Adam Johnson, before going on air.
Becki Took takes over the Main Presenter’s mic and interviews Pete Sexton during her four hour broadcast.
Is Becki Took singing here….or has Pete Sexton said something very funny?
At last! William Morin has recovered from ill health and is well enough to get behind the mic for Radiothon 2017. Great to see you behind the desk, William!