Studio Refurbishment Under Way!

The Studio 1 refurbishment is now almost complete, folks!

The work began by stripping Studio 2, so that the carpet could be installed.  Once this was laid, we installed this studio’s kit along with the new IP Audio Codecs, so that our live output could be switched to the back up studio.

Now the big job started, with all existing equipment removed from Studio 1 whilst the new carpets were laid and a brand new uPVC fire door was installed – all of this provided by the NHS!

In the meantime, we had started design work with Intech Solutions of Stockport and accepted their radical design change!  Sadly, not one of the local firms contacted replied to our request to tender for this work.  Radio Lonsdale had hoped to spend some of our grant funding with local companies but were forced to seek specialist support from desk manufacturers from outside the area.

On Wednesday January 18th 2017, the new Studio 1 (KC Studio) furniture was delivered and installed by Intech Solutions and, boy are we impressed!  The existing Soundcraft RM105 audio mixer has been fully sunken into the desk, which comes with bespoke built, lockable 19″ rack cabinets, complete with glass doors.

Cabling is now almost completed, with just a few more to go in!  We have added two laptop inputs for the mixer, independent guest headphone sockets & controls, fan cooling for the new racks, a permanent streaming sound card and the ability to record on Myriad from Studio 1.  All mains extensions have been banished from the Studios and every piece of audio equipment PAT Tested as it is installed, even new kit, so that we have the data recorded for comparison during future testing & maintenance.

Every rack now has it’s own Samson Power Conditioner Unit, providing surge and circuit breaker protection for every piece of kit.  They have been arranged so that the minimum amount of equipment can be left energized for the Myriad automated play out system. All other equipment can be switched off to reduce Studio temperature and to improve efficiency.

The cabling has been tidied since this early shot was taken and the audio equipment has been moved around to provide better cooling.

Rack Cabinets - Showing Old Equipment Mounts
Rack Cabinets – from R to L – Rack 1 (Codecs & Telephony),2 (Myriad Essentials) & 3 (Old Kit Including CD Players & FM Tuner)



Guests now have the same Audio-Technica AT2020 Condenser Microphones that the main presenter has and we also took the chance to install CAT5 internet sockets along with USB points for downloading files / music and for charging your phones & tablets.

Studio 1 Desktop Overview - Showing New Temporary Mic Stands
Studio 1 Desktop Overview – Showing New Temporary Mic Stands & Left Hand Socket Riser Pod

An additional PC has been installed so that presenters can search for that little piece of music trivia while on air.  We’ll be adding a new studio@radio-lonsdale email address very soon, so that patients and visitors can email their music requests directly to the Studio and we’ll also be looking to install automated “Bingo” software to coincide with our other plans for 2017!

We have removed the miles of unused telephone cables and replaced them with a neater installation, with the cables, NatComm telephone switching units and phone sockets fully hidden from view.  The final telephone wires have been installed in plastic cable management trunking, look much nicer and the line signal is much clearer as the cables are shorter with fewer joints.

Those expensive torpedo meter lamps, which lasted just weeks and were very inefficient, have been replaced by Ultra Bright Blue LED’s which should last much, much longer, operate at just 20mA each and are cool to the touch!

Here are a few glimpses of the work to date:

The Professionals At Work – Intech Solutions Installation Team Installing the New Desk
Almost There – The Desktop Fitted, this view shows the box assembly for the Soundcraft RM105 Audio Mixer
Completed Desktop – Showing the RM105 Mixer Sunk Into the Desk – Now our work began!